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My name is Jessica. I am a Trauma Informed Clinical Hypnotherapist trained in DeTrauma Technique (DTT) ™, Yoga Teacher and 1st Year Gestalt Psychotherapist. 

I provide therapy for trauma, ptsd, grief and addictions with a range of therapies including clinical hypnosis, somatic release/yoga therapy, gestalt psychotherapy, dream integration, body pyschotherapy and DeTrauma Technique (DTT) ™.

After developing Complex PTSD when I was 25, I went on a journey of discovering everything I could about how our bodies and minds work and how we can heal ourselves from trauma. After 5 years I found the answers. I now live a life free from CPTSD, Trauma, Addictions & Grief. 

My passion is in helping people free themselves from traumatic experiences that still live inside their bodies, then discover the limiting beliefs they hold about themselves and their lives, and show them a path to a life of self love, success, peace and fulfilment.

I believe that working with the conscious, subconscious, body and soul we can integrate all aspects of ourselves for a whole and balanced life that is authentic for us.

If I can do it, so can you. 

If you would like more information about working with me, check out the process on this page- or contact me here.

Have a beautiful day.